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Music has made or life a new adventure and it´s interesting to share the experience with all. Know us and our history


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Release The Pain begins his biography or history in 2016 by Sergio González (Guitar, Lead Vocal and Manager) and Carlos Garcia (Guitar and secondary Vocal), members and founders of the band, having worked together in other proyects , finished in 2015 . This new project drinks from different sources like metalcore, groove metal and thrash metal, with influences like Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium among others. Our experience over the last five years is involved the most in this new project, where we want to give everything to our audience and initiate a journey, an adventure, together hand by hand for many years. Why these project? It´s simple, we love what we do, we dream with this fantastic goal, we want to be the main motivation of the people, and transmit positive sensations to our public, cause' we want to make our public our family and make them be part of this adventure with us. In fact, we decided to navigate this boat, and never get down from it....

Carlos García

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Lead Guitar and Vocals.

Sergio González

Lead Vocals and Guitar

Lead Vocals and Guitar of the band. He´s always the manager of the band.

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